We invite a variety of 

social media stars  

Including the world's most user

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, and Twitter, Etc.

STAR Place is 


a two-way communication trading platform, is engaged in activities to discover good products, introduce them to customers, and develop them into better products through good customer experiences.

First of all, Star Place, a stage where stars who are active in social media around the world experience products and promote their experiences in various ways, is opened.
Star Place

This is what StarPlace is like.

Anyone who runs social media can participate after a brief self-introduction.

Free samples are available every week for free.

You can share your experience reviews of the product on your social media.

We will select the influencers who give us excellent reviews every month and give them prizes.

If you want to sell to your followers or subscribers, we'll give you a satisfactory margin.

Now Experience

This week's free products ㅡ

Free of charge for everything from product price to delivery.


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