Kiwemall held a final tasting event for two types of marine products

14 Aug 2023
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Kiwemall held a final tasting event for two types of marine products, its own development products.

The tasting event was attended by professional chefs from the Korea Traditional Food Association, representatives of Kiwi Mall, product developers, and product developers of its affiliate Seunghwa Food.

Products that have passed the tasting test this time will begin full-scale production in the third week of August and will target the U.S. and Canadian markets.

키위몰은 자체 개발상품인 수산물 2종에 대한 최종 시식회를 개최했다.

이번 시식회에는 한국전통식품협회의 전문쉐프와 키위몰 대표, 상품개발자, 제휴회사인 승화푸드의 상품개발자 등이 참석했다.

이번에 시식 테스트를 통과한 제품은 8월 3주차에 본격 생산을 시작해 미국, 캐나다 시장 공략에 나선다.



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